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Nordic Leprechaun (Nordstrom, 2020)


Height 31 in.(71 cm), bloom 4 in.(10 cm) Season Mid, Rebloom. Nordic Leprechaun has small soft yellow blooms with a lavender triangular notched eye rimmed by a stippled burgundy line, a jagged pattern on the sepals, and a bright green heart. It is finished with soft ruffles on the petals. This is one of the first Little Leprechaun kids that survived Minnesota winters in Kathleen's quest for northern hardy patterned flowers. She fell in love with it and its genes contribute to many of her subsequent patterns. If you want a northern hardy parent for hybridizing patterns, Nordic Leprechaun is for you. 3 way branching, 15 buds. Dormant. Diploid. Fertile both ways. Seedling 4.75
(Little Leprechaun x Wild Chicken)