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Gift of Life - Sold Out

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Gift of Life (Nordstrom 2019) 

Height 30 in., bloom 3.5 in., season MRe, Dor, Diploid, 5 branches, 32 buds.Small vibrant red open form with yellow eye and green heart. Northern hardy (survives zone 4 winters). Rebloom. The clump in the photo bloomed from 7/7/17 to 8/29/17 before it was lined out. 5 way branching. Bud count average is 32 (range 27 to 38). Seedling 4.51.

(Brookwood Black Kitten x Emerald Starburst) Fertile both ways. Limited.


Named in memory of my youngest brother James who died from complications of treatment for recurrent lymphoma in November 2017 at the age of 58.


*** Thank you to all who donate blood, stem cells, and organs. ***