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Ion a Flower - Sold Out

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Ion a Flower (Grossmann, 2020)

 Height 32 in.(81 cm), bloom 5.5 in.(14 cm), season M, Dor, Tetraploid, 22 buds, 5 branches.This is one of my favorite eyed and edged flowers to date. It is also a play on words letting our inner science geeks shine through. An ion is a very small charged particle and indeed this flower will give you a real charge when you see it. It opens well and has an excellent bud count. It makes a great clump and the very dark eye and edge on this light petaled flower guarantee a spectacular show in the garden. So fertile it will likely have a higher bud count since I always had it covered in pods. All those pods have given me some very fancy babies with light petals and very dark eyes and edges as seen in some of the pictures. Fertile both ways.

(Totally Toothy x unknown)