Shipping & Returns



Northern Lights Daylilies ships all plants during the month of May each year. 


The handling and shipping charge is $5 per plant.


As a seller once said, "These things don't just jump out of the soil, take a shower and mail themselves".





We want you to be happy.  If you are not satisfied with your plants, do not plant them.  Please ship them back to us immediately and as long as they are the same daylilies we sent we will issue a refund.



Common Shipping questions:


Do you ship to other countries?

No.  Sorry, we only ship within the United States.


Why can I only buy single fans?

All of our plants are grown as a single fan in a two gallon tree pot which is labelled for identification.  This method results in large healthy root systems.  (We do not dig and divide clumps like some other sellers do.)


Why do you only ship in May?

We sell on the internet during the fall, winter, and spring.  During the month of May, we prepare the orders by pulling the plants from their pots, washing thoroughly, and wrapping in moistened paper, then dry paper.  We ship all orders the same day via USPS Priority Mail. 

During June and July, we propagate by splitting plants into single fans and allowing them to grow.  We take inventory in the fall, make a spreadsheet of the plants that are sellable, and then post the plants to the website that are available for purchase.